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10 Nov 2017

Giants in Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument is the national park par excellence in the city of San Francisco and one of the most well-known in California and the United States. A relaxing place next to the bustling city of San Francisco.

Muir Woods offers different options to enjoy alone or with someone and it is a perfect place to go with the family. Its paths are ideal to stroll around the forest and to enjoy them by bike. Its main route, which consists of 3 kilometres and a half, is wheelchair accessible and it is a great option for kids.

If you bring yourself to visit this park and discover its protagonists, the centenarian sequoias and coastal redwoods, you have several options: you can do it by yourself or, for your peace of mind, you can join a tour like the one offered by City Tour Worldwide.

If you want to spend the day surrounded by giant trees (some of them with a trunk diameter of 6 meters) of an average age of between 400 and 800 years, we recommend you the tour Muir Woods and Sausalito Half Day Tour. With this tour you will visit the Muir Woods National Monument and furthermore, for the same price, you will visit the pretty village of Sausalito, the favourite fishing village of the Californians.

Another interesting option to get to Sausalito and reach the national park is the official tourist bus of the city: San Francisco City Tour. If you buy a bus ticket, you will be able to discover the most famous points of interest of San Francisco and surroundings. With the Sausalito Loop you will cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge and you will be taken to the centre of Sausalito.

Take advantage of this opportunity and discover these two icons of California with San Francisco City Tour.