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12 Jul 2016

Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate

Undoubtedly one of the main points of interested in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Brigde. This suspension bridge was opened in 1937, it has a length of 1280 meters and it’s suspended from two towers 227 meters high. It has a six-lane roadway (three in each direction) and has protected lanes accessible to pedestrians and bicycles.

The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from diverse points but the best of them is the H. Dana Bowers viewpoint (also called Vista Point) which offers spectacular views of the bridge, the city of San Francisco and the bay. Before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we find "Presidio of San Francisco", a former military fortress, nowadays a park.

In this area there are some points of interest such as "Presidio Park" characterized by many wooded areas, hills, and also its spectacular views. In addition, it should be mentioned "Palacio of Fine Arts". Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge can get to Sausalito, a town in the San Francisco Bay Area in Marin County, California, and home to 7,000 inhabitants.