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21 Sep 2016

Organic markets

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Haight Street Market

San Francisco is considered a reference point regarding to organic markets. Around this city it is easy to find many markets with a whole host of this kind of products.

San Francisco City Tour could not overlook this fact and that is why some of the stops of San Francisco City Tour Loop of San Francisco City Tour are located near some of the most important markets of this city, such as the Real Food Company, located near the stop number 5 (Marina Cow Hollow); Tom Fresh’s Organic next to stop 7 (Golden Gate Park); Santa Clara Organic Market located a few meters from our stop 10 (On Fell at NE Corner of Piece) or Haight Street Market, near the stop 11 (Civic Center).

In the last years, concern about food has increased due to the high rates of obesity and the ignorance of the long-term effects caused by the consumption of food that has been chemically treated and modified in laboratories.

Our Hop-On Hop-Off service offers the possibility of visiting different markets specialized in this kind of products, creating a personalized route based on organic markets.

San Francisco City Tour tourist bus can be helpful if one of your resolutions for the next year is to start changing your eating habits from bad to healthy and more conscious. Markets as the mentioned in this post are a must during your stay in San Francisco.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit them with the comfort offered by the Hop-On Hop-Off service, which also allows you to see the main attractions of this city.