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27 Feb 2017

Far East at the core of San Francisco

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Japanese Tea Garden

In the center of San Francisco, at Golden Gate Park, you will find the Japanese Tea Garden: a perfect space to meditate or simply relax while enjoying the natural surrounding with the sound of the waterfalls and a decoration that will take you to Japan.

This space was supposed to be a temporal work for the California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894. However, it became a permanent exposition after the advice of Makoto Hawigara, a Japanese businessman who said that this garden had made him feel its hometown closer.

Many people says that Hawigara was the creator of the well-known fortune cookies -the ones that other people attribute its origin to China- as Hawigara designed the tea house of the garden was based on an original recipe of rice cookies from Japan. This tea house was the inspiration to name the garden as Japanese Tea Garden. As its name announces, this space is perfect to enjoy a mouthwatering tea.

To get to this place, use the San Francisco City Tour hop-on hop-off tourist bus service. The stop number 7 (Golden Gate Park) of the San Francisco City Loop will ride you to the immense Golden Gate Park. There you will find this piece of the Land of the Rising Sun right in the center of the city.

The tourist bus service of the city will approach you to one of the main highlights in San Francisco, where you will doubt if you are still in San Francisco or in a Japanese wood.