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19 juil. 2017

Amazing structures in San Francisco

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San Francisco

If you are traveling to San Francisco, you cannot miss the visit to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. But if you are like those travelers that run away from the conventional and look for hidden corners, this is your city as well. San Francisco City Tour will take you to these places in which you will be able to stop thanks to the hop-on hop-off service.

The Wave Organ is a structure from 1986 that amplifies the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. It is formed by 25 pipes of granite and marble that interact with the water of the sea to create a subtle and harmonious melody. Get off at the stop 9 of the San Francisco City Loop and walk until the end of the bay to contemplate this sculpture.

Three Gems is a secret space that is made up of a cylindrical subterranean installation, created in 2005 by James Turrell. Inside, you can observe the sky thanks to the holes of the top and the colors of the LED lights that illuminate it change depending on the meteorological conditions. It is located at Golden Gate Park, accessible from the stop 11 of our tour.

The Banker’s heart is a sculpture made of black granite that lays on the exterior part of one of the tallest towers of the Financial District since 1969. The official name of this cold sculpture is ‘Transcendence’, but it has been renamed over time due to the meaning that holds. Admire this sculpture and the grandiosity of the skyscrapers getting off at the stop 4 of the itinerary.

The Venus is the tallest statue of San Francisco, with 92 foot of height, which was finished only two months ago. This majestic sculpture made of steel represents a female shape twisting, creating sinuous figures. You can visit it getting off at the stop 16 and taking a little stroll.

Let yourself fascinate by the contemporary art that fill all the corners of San Francisco!