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26 sept. 2018

San Francisco Dance Film Festival

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Dance Film Festival

Dance and cinema are two disciplines which are deeply related. You will probably have no difficulties to think about a film in which dance is the focus: Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot… San Francisco Dance Film Festival wants to encourage in the creation of dance film works.

In the last few years San Francisco Dance Film Festival has become a reference worldwide. In 2016 the festival was a Special Award Honoree for the 2016 Isadora Duncan Dance Awards because of its wealth, diversity and excellence regarding dance in the area of San Francisco.

Some of the screenings taking place in the festival are ‘La Chana’ -biography of the bailaora Antonia Santiago, responsible as well of the choreography of the film- Ghosts -a drama in which the Norwegian National Ballet performs- and other films, short films and documentaries.

If you want to know more about this festival, even if you are a dance lover, a cinema lover or just because you want to do something different in San Francisco, do not miss this festival taking place from the 3rd to the 14th October.

The places where it is celebrated are Brava Theatre, Catherine Clarck Gallery or San Francisco Public Gallery.