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29 janv. 2018

San Francisco Restaurant Week

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The San Francisco Restaurant Week arrives another year to put the extensive gastronomic range of the city on the map.

Gastronomy of the five continents in more than a hundred restaurants of the city will be available during ten days: the best menus at the best price. This proposal, organised by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, is a unique occasion to enjoy a gastronomic tour around the world. You will be able to find from the famous Brazilian feijoada to mizuna salad with grapefruit, white asparagus and avocado from Japan or even delicious grilled tequila and chile marinated skirt steak from México. This is only a sample of the dishes that will be waiting for the most demanding palates. The tastiest week of the year takes place from the 22nd to the 31st of January.

With San Francisco City Tour you will be able to enjoy your tourist bus tickets not only to visit he points of interest of the city but also to take the most of the hop on hop off service, with which you will have the chance to move around San Francisco and to approach the participating restaurants in the Restaurant Week. The San Francisco City Loop will take you to your favourite ones. This route has some stops located near the participating restaurants, for example Union Square South, Lombard St and Chinatown Gate